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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus our research on innovating therapies for hard-to-treat solid tumor cancers like lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancer.

We take an innovative scientific approach, seeking to understand disease mechanisms to pursue new therapeutic strategies. Our goal is to advance first-in-class medicines for patients facing late-stage cancer.

 We have one proof-of-concept trial ongoing, and the two new drugs (YNK105 and YH-101) will enter clinical trials within 1-2 years.

YNK105 is not in clinical trials now. We have finished all preclinical studies and the drug is ready for clinical trials. We will file an IND for YNK105 within 1 year.

We follow a rigorous multi-stage process including target identification and validation, candidate design and synthesis, extensive preclinical testing, regulatory approval and clinical trials in order to safely and effectively advance new therapeutics.

We prioritize indications where late-stage patients have high unmet need and few effective options. Factors include disease biology, prevalence, survival rates and biomarker/target expression levels. Our goal is to have the biggest potential impact.

We plan to conduct trials investigating our candidates as both single agents and combination regimens. Initial studies will assess safety, recommended dosing and early signals of efficacy to inform subsequent trials.

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