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Pioneering Breakthrough Therapeutics for Late-Stage Cancer Patients

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Through targeted scientific inquiry, Yinuoke is advancing breakthrough solutions for hard-to-treat cancers.

With dedication to discovery, Yinuoke pursues new frontiers in cancer treatment development.

By deepening disease understanding, Yinuoke explores paths toward transformative patient care.

Uncover Yinuoke's approach in tackling the urgent need for stage 4 cancer treatment.

Yinuoke's pioneering research holds promise to transform outcomes for patients worldwide.

Yinuoke aims to develop new options for those facing late-stage cancer through innovative research.

Yinuoke strives to create novel therapies through rigorous R&D efforts that could provide hope for advanced cancer patients.

Through targeted scientific inquiry, Yinuoke is advancing breakthrough solutions for hard-to-treat cancers.

We are pushing the limits of scientific discovery in late-stage cancer care.

Groundbreaking innovation and life-saving therapies

Passionate scientists at the forefront of late-stage cancer research

Advancing understanding and revolutionizing late-stage cancer care

Breaking Cancer Barriers

Driven by our mission to conquer late-stage cancer and save lives, we prioritize verifiable data and clinical trial results to validate the effectiveness of our therapies. 

Our Team

Our leadership team drives innovative research in advanced-stage cancer treatment. With a focus on precision medicine, we tailor treatment options to optimize outcomes for late-stage cancer patients

Our Science

Our science represents a distinctive approach to addressing the challenges we strive to overcome in the field of late-stage cancer care. We go beyond conventional methods, diving deep into the intricate mechanisms that drive the rapid decline in patients with advanced cancer.


FAQs about our groundbreaking research


Pushing Boundaries with Small Molecule Program

Our leading drug candidate is YNK105, a small molecule program being developed to treat cancer cachexia. It shows great promise as a potential breakthrough therapy for this condition. Early results from our ongoing proof-of-concept clinical trial have demonstrated YNK105’s effectiveness. This drug has high potential as a treatment for the wasting and muscle loss that is a symptom of cancer cachexia.


YH-101 First-in-Class Anti-LIFR Therapeutic Antibody

Yinouke’s drug candidate, YH-101, is a novel anti-LIFR antibody. It represents a promising new strategy for treating advanced cancer. The antibody, YH-101, aims to treat cancer patients both with and without cachexia. It works by targeting the LIF/LIFR pathway, which is implicated in driving tumor growth, metastasis, immune evasion, and cachexia. This pathway achieves these effects through activation of JAK/STAT signaling. As the first drug of its kind to target LIFR, YH-101 has the potential to become an important new therapeutic option for late-stage cancer through its multi-pronged mechanism of action.